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Our group of experts in strategy, design, and technology create targeted digital solutions that become the talk of the town.

Innovation About Visionary Thinking

We deliver results to our clients, with combination of creativity and technology, led by great strategy.  And we call it Performance-Driven Solution.



We create data-driven strategies for your brand's campaign. We rely on insights, data and research to create and plan communication strategies best suited for your brands.


Our creative team thinks outside the box, and beyond the wall. We design not solely for aesthetics, but for the best user experience. We combine data, insights and best practices to create the most innovative design our clients can get.


In this day and age, brands can't just be present in digital. Brands need to socialize, and converse via digital platforms. At Bubu, we create innovative content that sparks conversations on social media and the digital platform.


In the heart of it all, Bubu is a technology company. With the rapid pace of technology development, we stay ahead. We provide brands with the the latest and targeted technology solutions.  We've developed for our clients: eCommerce site, web-based order management system, iOS/Android/Blackberry mobile applications, web-based survey system, web-based video management system, and web-based judging system.


Analysis of performances is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, in different business, science, and social science domains.  These are translated into Performance-based Marketing.


Digital is actually a very crowded place. We can create a communication and produce it in many creative ways. But again without the right distribution strategy and understanding the behavior of our target audience it will be worthless. Here in Bubu we listen and talk to people in digital in the past 20 years in many different channels and distribute our communication through SEO, SEM, Google Ads, Social Ads and many other channels.


Answering one of the most bask human behavior in digital.


Companies are constantly looking for ways to upskill their workforce. With the ever fierce competition and demanding consumers, companies need to look into new ways to deliver their trainning and development programs. Bubu ReTech’s e-learning system answers this need. Among the features of our system: registration, authentication, training resource management, training workflow, course calendar, flexible grading and scoring, digital reward, discussion forum and knowledge management system (KMS). 


Gaining an understanding of people as the brand target audience is one of the crucial elements in doing digital marketing. With our Social Media Command Center, Bubu enable brands to easily implement all of the communication approach that the brand need to do. BUBU Social Media Command Center (SMCC) is a dedicated service for you where we can monitor and engage in social conversation around their brand and market. It allows for real-time monitoring of social media trends that can inform business decisions and enhance the social health of your brand.

Bubu-Mars Research

Bubu offers data-driven and performance  based solutions. For that consequently we also go into the realm of research that later will result in data that can be used for the benefit of anyone who needs it.

We conducted this research by partnering with big names in the world of research, one of which is with MARS Indonesia where this cooperation in addition has spawned one of GEN-C research books, we are also running our next research with them.

For brands & companies, the Bubu-Mars collaboration will use a data science approach to attaining the business objective of our clients (i.e., Data Science, Digital Marketing).

BUBU–IDOOH Out Of Home Media

Bubu is now launching a new consumer engagement Brand Advertising platform from our partners IDOOH.  The Mobile Digital OOH screens provide you the opportunity to market your brand and services to daily passengers of online app booked taxis. 

The digital interactive Tablet creates a captive environment where marketers can message, advertise, inform, entertain, capture data and measure consumer behavior through this Interactive, Intelligent, & Intimate Digital Out of Home platform.

We now have about 1000 screens inside GO CAR taxis and 650 screens inside GRAB taxis in Jakarta.

Radio Program-Cintalogy

Feri is gifted with a special capability since he was born with a sensitivity to read things related to a character of a person and things related to the passed or sometimes related to the future. There are many experiences and lessons learned from the Feri’s journey, so it inspires him to write meaningful words and inspiring quotes.

Feri started his career as a consultant since his college days. He began to enter radio as a clairvoyant in the 2000s on Radio S. Since then he began to be known in some radio (Pesona FM, Radio SK, Radio PasFM and Radio UFM) as well as on TV such as at Indosiar and SCTV, and also the monumental program Dahsyat at RCTI.

Feri Purwo with Bubu started a project on PowerFM which is a radio show focusing on love topic called CINTALOGY with Feri Purwo.


Bubu builds brands through smart channel planning and multi-platform content strategically executed to deliver results for our clients.  We weigh-in and utilize the right balance of elements available in the digital marketing ecosystem; such as a UX-UI optimized website, social media networks, SEO-SEM strategy, ad placements and engaging content.  We analyze and formulate the right combination that deliver result-immediate as well as more sustainable impact to our client's business.