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Astra Life Insurance

Astra Life is one of the new player in Insurance Industry. At first Astra Life ask us to deliver their company website on the day of the company’s launch. Then they aware that they also need Bubu to assist them in building their digital presence. Thru shifting the conversation about insurance - from always talking about risk, to how we can embrace life.



The approach is through a series of digital activation, we kicked off with the #LoveLife campaign, which will lead up to the launch of the new Astra Life website.

First off, we created a video, with the core message being embracing the carefree, the contrast between an adult and a child, where we actually ask audience to make the child in each one of us to be proud. The video includes a call for the audience to share their #LoveLife moments, via a microsite. The best entries were subsequently featured in the Astra Life website.


There were more than 1000 entries for #LoveLife moments digital activity that only runs for 2 weeks. At the end we achieve the objective of the communication for the launch, where Astra Life is stands for a carefree life and embracing life