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CIGNA Insurance

Cigna is an insurance company that previously focusing their approach for new customers through telemarketing. But, Cigna understand that they can not actually depend on telemarketing alone, since the resources has become inefficient. Nowadays technology is actually become the answer to efficiency. Hence that, Cigna entrusted Bubu to develop their a digital platform that can adapt with their business process.



Working with Cigna US to understand not just the business process but also the brand playbook, we develop a user centered website that understand the customer needs. Creating a user friendly environment for customer to understand more about Cigna.

Also the journey and the flow of user experience on the platform is seamless, this will emphasize our understanding of user behaviour within a website


With hours of work, learning the brand playbook, Cigna business process and hours of con-call in different time zone with Cigna US. We successfully launch the website for the public. Where now we actually in a phase of adding more feature to the website, creating a more user centered platform that can give more to the customer.