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Enfa Grow

Enfagrow A+ is a powder milk for pregnant woman. Enfagrow A+ wants to show that they understand pregnant woman by accompany women in their journey in awaiting their precious one. Therefore, Enfagrow A+ invite Bubu to develop something dan can answer their brand purpose, which is to ensure mom's health and the growth of their precious one.

Enfagrow A+ Mobile Application


We are in the understanding of how challenging is the pre-natal Journey for every mom, not just that even after the baby is born they still need someone to accompany them to ease-up the challenge. Hence that, Bubu came up with an idea to develop an mobile application that can help mom's on this Journey.

Start with some information on their pregnancy, symptoms that they need to aware of and even get a 'kick-counter' every time the baby 'say hello'. So through out 9 months of pregnancy mom's will get help from the application and can focus on how to keep healthy for her and the baby.