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Bubu has help building Izzi digital presence for quite a while. From Social Media maintenance, Website Revamp, Digital Activity, etc. A full digital service creating a solid digital ecosystem for Izzi.

Then Izzi launch their new formula of Izzi first crush. So, Izzi asked bubu to develop an engagement that can reach their audience thru digital.

Izzi Mix & Match Activity


So we create an activity that we call Izzi 'Mix & Match', it is a very simple yet fun digital activity for the target audience. First we develop a stop motion video to invite the audience to the activity, then we drive them to a microsite that put inside a new revamped Izzi's website. It is a fashion 'Mix & Match' where we deliver a communication that Izzi will help by educating 'progressive girl' about fashion to look good and get what they dream of.

What exiting about the development is actually we need to take picture of many accessories and fashion apparels and put it into the web application that we develop for the audience to mixing & matching.

We also support the campaign through digital placement, influencer and ever bring it to the talk show


Through this activity we successfully grow 14.906 of Izzi Facebook fans, which is 76% of them are organically. There was 30.225 of microsite visit and 12.000 activity participants. The campaign has become the talk of the town in between the targeted audiences.