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PT Citrakreasi Makmur is the main distributors of Phillips in Indonesia. With networks of physical store that located nationwide, they are in the need of reaching the audience through digital directly. The idea is they would like to utilize the physical store to become audience touch point.



We develop an e-commerce platform for PT. Citrakreasi Makmur and call it Kreasi2Shop.com. Integrating all elements in e-commerce using Magento, and we connect all physical store and become their pick up point.

Not just developing the platform itself we also help them to introduce Kreasi2Shop.com through social media and influencer on the day of their launch.


Now Kresia2Shop.com has run very well, and they have more that hundred thousands of visitor and active users of their e-commerce. Using influencer we successfully make Kresi2Shop.com become the second trending topic on twitter for a couple of days starting on the day of the launch