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Path Talk

Path has become one of the most preferable Social Media channel used in Indonesia. Only 2 country that have the privilege to have more than 500 connected friend, that would be us Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Directly requested from CEO & Founder of path Dave Morin, Bubu were entrusted to lead the launch of Path Talk in Indonesia not just in Digital but also Above The Line.

The Secret of Happiness


A note that we got from our research of how Path built. It was written like this - 'The secret of happiness. Each other. Sharing our lives with the people who matter most. Somewhere along the way, friends became “friends,” and intimate moments became public domain. Despite the growing number of connections, we’ve never felt more alone'.

The words sparked us of how Path need to communicate the new Path Talk application. Using a Commercial Video we illustrate how Path Talk make  you understand your friend more using the Smart Status.

Furthermore, working with local illustrator we create series of stickers that can be use in Path Talk, such as World Cup 2014 Stickers, Ramadhan Stickers, Independence Day Stickers.



The Video Commercial was shown on every night FIFA world Cup 2014, the download were tremendous more than 80% of Path Application user download Path Talk application. In addition, Shehab Hamad the person who lead Path Business Development say that - 'The Sticker FIFA World cup sold like peanuts'. Follow with the success sale of Ramadhan & Independence Day stickers.