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PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery

Pizza Hut Delivery or known as PHD is one of the leading Pizza Delivery in Indonesia. With the fast growing of Food Delivery in Indonesia, PHD need to maintain their awareness and mostly will be done in Digital.

Pizza Hut Delivery’s value proposition lies in their guarantee to 'Deliver your Favourite, Delicious Pizza in only 30 minutes'. Using #GakPakaiAlasan (translated: No Excuses), we leveraged this tagline to create a series of innovative, fun digital campaign. 

Give Them What They Want


We believe that people consume things that they want in social media rather what they need. So with the understanding of Audience behaviour, we leverage PHD's value proposition by 'Delivering the Fun', an entertaining approach that we use to reach people in social media.

We deliver fun thru Video Contents, Cinemagraphs, and we shoot our first 360 video for New Year Activity. So within 2 months, we produced 8 videos and two 360 video and all are done by our internal team & talents.


'Social media has drove our sales significantly in November' - say one of the key person in PHD. We have deliver communication that engage and reach the audience in digital that actually can give an Impact for the business. Social media has become a playground for us and help the client to achieve their business objective.