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Sunlight is a leading dishwashing liquid brand from Unilever. We have help them on building quite a big fans and followers base organically in digital, in addition we have also tasked assist Sunlight in building a good digital presence.

Then, they about to launch a new formula for their hero product which is 'Sunlight Jeruk Nipis'. They asked us to help them to communicate and create an engagement in digital.

Ibu Cekatan Sunlight


Through a series of campaign we create a talk value for the new 'Sunlight Jeruk Nipis' formula. First we create content in Facebook to trigger conversation, where we emphasise 'the busy life of a mom, where there is so little time but so much to do', the content engage enormous amount of audience.

Then we continue with a very simple activity where it is very effortless for moms to participate. We create a guessing game that have a couple winner every week for a month long. Organically we successfully reach them and invite them to the activity

Then we finished with a bigger 'Boom'. After more than 3 years handling Sunlight we can understand mom behaviour in social media, which they are most likely to share their life story in their timeline. So we create a campaign where moms can share their busy life in a microsite, but with bigger rewards. 


Unilever has made this become one of their benchmark campaign. Where 'Ibu Cekatan Sunlight' video have more that 850.000 views in Youtube, 14,590 user registration and 1141 article were submitted, all this for only one and a half month campaign.

We believe we are successfully creating a talk value for the product and Sunligh and boost their digital presence.