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Tanoto Foundation

Sukanto Tanoto family own RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) Group. Sukanto Tanoto known as one of the richest people in Indonesia where he has multi billon dollar company that focus on agribusiness. With his lifetime achievement he felt in need to give back to the society, so he founded an organization that called Tanoto Foundation.

Education, Empowerment & Enhancement


The soul purpose of its existence is to create a better Indonesia by enhance all the resource that it has, where Education is to create a better Human Resource, Empowerment is to support the Human Resource that has already in the field, last but not least is the Enhancement where it has a purpose to preserve mother earth with all of its resources.

Hence that, Bubu then build a platform to facilitate the people to have access to this limitless of knowledge. Within a bigger umbrella of Tanoto Faoundation we create a sub site for Education, Empowerment & Enhancement.

Forward, what need to be highlighted is Tanoto Foundation is in the mission to create a 'Sustainable Tomorrow' for Indonesia


"Tanotofoundation.org website is now up and running. Bubu helped Tanoto Foundation to revamp their website, so the public can find detailed information about Tanoto Foundation's initiatives on education assistance, improvement of quality of life and community empowerment. Today, Tanoto Foundation Scholarship awardees are directly involved in this website. Awardees have contributed articles on how Tanoto Foundation have inspired and changed their life."