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The first account that we handle from RGE group is actually Asian Agri. They invite us to revamp their website. Furthermore, after we do some research on Asian Agri, the brand is actually a very well known brand in Agribusiness and what more surprisingly is Asian Agri has become people 'life-changer'.

So we take this 'life-changer' fact and create a storytelling approach for the corporate to present their self to the public.

a life changer


Creating and focusing in a storytelling approach of the website, not just building the website UI/UX we also went to their plantation learning about their product and people have that their life have been change by asian agri.

Meeting the specialist who do R&D for the palm oil seed, the process within the plantation and even to the palm oil factory. The last thing was we sat together with people who they call 'Plasma Farmer', this people talk about their life journey that have been touch by Asian Agri.

Through all interview, photoshoot on their plantation, we build a story out of it and create the soul of the website, which is the content. This is how we present Asian Agri to the public not only nationwide but also internationally


With the help that Bubu have been given to Asian Agri, they feel that Bubu has successfully building Asian Agri brand in digital. Where now what they need to continue is keep changing the life of others, that eventually will help Indonesia