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Manchester United

Manchester United is the biggest football team in the world. Their fans spread all over the world, including Indonesia. Despite being the biggest Manchester United community fan base, the football club did not have official twitter account yet, and communities and fans created most of the accounts. They came to Bubu to help them establish their social media presence in Indonesia.


Realizing that Twitter in Indonesia has a huge potential to capture insight and engagement, Manchester United decided to launch their official twitter account (@ManUtd_ID ). The challenge is how do we launch the account and grab attention of Indonesian fans?

Manchester United


We realized that Manchester United fans in Indonesia have experienced solid growth. So, we involved them to spread the news and the account to all their members.


Our target was to reach 20K followers in one month, but surprisingly we gained 30K followers in only ONE NIGHT! Up to now, Bubu is still trusted to maintain the account and raise even more new followers.