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JD is the second biggest e-commerce in Beijing, after Alibaba. It is the biggest non market place e-commerce in Beijing, where they also have their big armada to deliver the product to the customer by them self. JD believe that Indonesia market is a very promising market, so they built JD.ID to answer Indonesia customer which growing very fast in the e-commerce industry.

They have build their platform by them self. But what they really need is actually to create an awareness for the brand to the audience. So JD.ID invite Bubu to help them to deliver their communication through digital.

Make Joy Happen


JD main value preproposition is 'Make Joy Happen', by actually deliver the Joy to the customer front door. So using this working together with the merchandise department we bombard the audience with non stop tactical promo. Answering every audience digital touch points.

Bubu has helped JD.ID delivering the Joy in their first launch. Also create a analytic base recommendation for their learning in the future campaign


For all digital populace, JD.ID is of the preferable e-commerce that people trust to make transaction with. Now, they have hundred thousand of active users and also thousand of transaction within a day.