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Indomaret has become Indonesian familiar faces. You can find the almost every where. We know that Modern Trade has become a fast growing industry in Indonesia, which all principals (brand or product) look upon to, cause Indomaret has helped the product distribution more easily.

So, Klik Indomaret and Bubu see this opportunity create initiatives for all brands and product, to help them to create their tactical promotion within Klik Indomaret.

Big Surprise


Big Surprise is one of the tactical promotion that is already been done by Klik Indomaret. Bubu help create the platform for people to submit their Indomaret receipt and get then collect points to get many prizes.

With only less then 2 months we helped Klik Indomaret to create the platform and then deploy it to Klik Indomaret system and also we maintain all the traffic that came to the platform. Where we actually help them in collecting all the data & points from the customer.


Within only 2 months of campaign Bubu helped Indomaret & Klik Indomaret get more that 162.000 of participants. Never the less, this is only one of the campaign that we help Indomaret & Klik Indomaret with. Right now we are actually in developing a couple more, where are actually work with particular brand or product.